How to Use Hashtag Placement in Twitter

How to Use Hashtag Placement in Twitter

What is a Hashtag? A hashtag is a simple metadata label prefixed with the hash symbol #. Hashtags have become very popular on social media and microblogging services like Twitter and Facebook as a method of user-created tagging, which allows easy cross-reference of themes or content pertaining to a certain topic or interest. Basically, a hashtag is simply a short keyword or term that you can type into an internet browser to quickly find related posts on the Internet. There are two types of Hashtag usage:

Hashtag Syntax Hashtag usage is fairly straightforward. You just need to start using your preferred hashtags. You can either use one long hashtag or multiple short ones. For example, if you are tweeting about blogging, then you would simply do the following. This is what you would do if you are just starting out with your Hashtag usage: | hashtag | use | tweets | one} OK now what? Where do you post these things? Well, the first option is to open up your favorite web browser and do a search for your chosen keywords. Now take a snapshot of the top results for your chosen keywords in chronological order. Now use the same process for your desired hashtag. For example, you would search for "hashtag tennis."

If you have the luxury of time and can stay focused for a few minutes, then you may want to post your hashtags in your right-hand side Twitter pane. You will find that this will pull up your entire Twitter timeline in real-time. To make it even easier, try using the trending module on Twitter. You simply click the plus sign icon and put the plus sign next to the word trending. Now you will see a list of all of the latest hallmarks that have been posted across Twitter.

Do not be intimidated by this process. There is no right or wrong way to approach using hashtags. What is important is that you get some meaningful trending out of your hash marks. As you garner different users on Twitter that are interested in your niche, then you will want to start posting these hashtags.

OK, here is what you do with the real-life application of hashtags. What you do is take your chosen trending phrase and try to incorporate it into your micro-blogging. For example, if you were talking about the latest Apple product and saw that someone had hashtagged #apple, what you would do is take that keyword and include it into your post without spaces. So for example you would post something like "hashtag apple" without spaces.